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At Shinwoo, we provide services including:

Raised Access Floor (For Commercial Facilities)

We provide international standard flooring design and construction services for office buildings. The construction process and design of the floor always play an important role in every project and it is an indispensable step on the interior, bringing an impressive beauty. If you are looking for official floor construction services for the company office, find a team of professional ceramic tile turret builders - prestige - international quality. Then come to Shinwoo immediately.

Raised Access Floor (For Clean Room)

We provide floor construction services for large projects with reputable investors according to international standards and quality with various designs of tiles, suitable for your company's work.

Water Treatment

With a team of experienced staff who have designed and constructed a variety of wastewater treatment facilities of various manufacturing industries as well as large and small wastewater flows, Shinwoo always operates with the motto of all for customers, for a green - clean - beautiful environment.

Interior Panel

Shinwoo is known as the company specializing in the construction of office wall partitions in the market. With the commitment of international standard service, we always receive absolute satisfaction for every customer when we cooperate. With international quality criteria - Vietnamese prices, we are committed to bringing the best quality values: Panel walls have a variety of designs and styles, tailored to each customer's unique requirements. Products are made according to the process, ...

Interior Flooring

Shinwoo Vietnam provides interior flooring services for large projects with more than 20 years of experience in the industry and the reputation associated with works of international standards. With a variety of tile designs and excellent professionals, we are confident to become the most ideal partner for your project.